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                 National Bouvier Des Flandres Club

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We are a relatively new Club - please keep coming back to visit us

The National Bouvier Club has now been approved by The Kennel Club

A timely reminder from our Patron Mr tony Crowther:
Daffodils, especially cherished in Wales, are always a promising sign of Spring but please remember that their bulbs are toxic to Bouviers if ingested and could cause an unpleasant reaction. Discarded cut daffodils could also present a hazard, as can the water from vases in which Daffs have been stood!

Important Information/help required
With thanks to Tony Crowther Information, Rescue and Re-homing

There are some anniversaries that no-one wants to celebrate, and it was 7 years ago that we had the first UK casualty, here in the New Forest, of the mysterious Alabama Swamp Fever.  Small innocuous ulcers, usually on the lower legs of our canines, quickly coming fatally organ-stopping, but for some years we thought that the conditions incidence was limited to the flood plain of Wiltshire Avon, on the western side of the National Park. Until 2017 we saw a maximum of 20 cases a year, but last year the illness claimed the lives of 37 dogs, right across the UK.

Local veterinarians like David Walker have been relentlessly exploring Alabama Rot, consulting with their US counterparts (who first identified the condition in Greyhounds) with some success in treatment strategies but without finding either the casual link or any antidote.  But now there might just be a breakthrough.  Fiona Macdonald, a highly respected Ringwood Vet, who has researched diseases of fresh-water fish for many years has identified a water borne organism, AEROMANUS HYDROPEDA, which is now thought to transmit the Rot bacteria.  Fiona has asked that any information, reported cases etc wherever in the UK be sent to her at her website WWW.FISH-TREATMENT.CO.UK.  Alabama Rot is a particularly cruel killer and it is clearly now established right across the country, having been reported in 32 countries.

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